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Transitions in Aging  

Assisting individuals, couples and families prepare for older adulthood

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Elaine M. Northcutt  

  At Transitions in Aging, we work with individuals, couples and families to assess their readiness for aging well.  We help clients organize, plan and prepare for the challenges and complexities that come with aging and longevity-- to protect their welfare and resources, preserve their quality of life of their future self-- to give you peace of mind.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach designed to strenghthen legal and financial protections, quality of care through advocacy in wellness and healthcare management and support social and family relationships to preserve legacies.

As individuals, we are privileged to have a choice in how we live out the final chapters of life and more importantly, how we transcend this life. The responsibililty is yours to create to express your last human action.

How will you make your wishes known?

Only you can plan and prepare.  Create quality of life for your future self. 

Ready to plan and prepare?  Want more information?  Email us -- Learn about Aging Readiness Inventory and your Aging Readines Score to learn how prepared or vulnerable you are.