Eldercare planning involves the integration of many disciplines, services, agencies and organizations to provide older adults quality of life and peace of mind.

An eldercare planning consultant can facilitate decision-making, identify solutions to problems, make referrals to qualified professionals and coordinate services saving you time and stress.
Our process involves listening to the needs of individuals, couples, their families, understanding their concerns and circumstances and their goals. We evaluate these elements, prepare a written Needs Assessment and a Plan to accomplish those goals and go over it with you in detail. Depending on the client, we can implement your plan.  Every situation is unique.




Core Values

We are committed to:

  • Respect clients values, beliefs and preferences

  • Respond to unfolding circumstances in a timely manner

  • Abide by a professional code of conduct

  • Keep accurate records

  • Coordinate professional resources across disciplines

  • Communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Keep the client’s best interests in mind at all times.

  • Facilitate decision making processes

  • Protect privacy of client information.

  • Provide client with the best value through service.

Transitions in Aging is dedicated to the proposition that each person create for themselves the conditions needed to preserve and protect their quality of life as they age.

Transitions in Aging is a service committed to assisting older adults and their families navigate the complexities of aging through discussion, assessment, education and preparation. We educate clients to empower them to make informed choices. The value of these services can be measured in peace of mind. Peace of mind through preparation and planning creates a robust infrastructure to adapt to changing circumstances as you age, to protect your personal welfare and material resources and, preserve your quality of life. Read about our Core Values below. To learn more about Elaine Northcutt see About page.