We use a multi-disciplinary approach designed to give clients a comprehensive, cohesive, complete and current plan.  It is designed to integrate the highest level of personal protection, preservation of material resources and support family relationships and maintain professional ones. Our approach is designed to maximize communication channels and protocols on routine matters as well as emergent situations.

Our goal is to assist our clients finding options to make informed decisions, support them and their families while they navigate the complexities in estate planning, wealth management, insurance and benefits, wellness and healthcare management, incapacity planning, an end of life care plan as well as their lifestyle preferences, safety and welfare, protection of financial resources, strengthen social and family relationships and spiritual development.

We prepare a formal Needs Assessment, a standard instrument used by social workers and preapre a plan of care, or a plan of action.  We go over the Needs Assessment and Plan of Care with you in detail to ensure that the goals reflect your thinking and our understanding.

We make referrals to trusted licensed professionals saving clients added stress and anxiety.  We bring together expertise in patient advocacy, care management, legal and personal assistance, bookkeeping, fiduciary management professionals, and organizing tools to meet the goals of the client.


Aging Readiness workshops represent a commitment to educate consumers about the need to care about their future self.  A willingness to educate yourself and a willingness to be responsible.  To age well in America requires embracing a host of ideas and feelings that makes us uncomfortable and cause most of us to minimalize or reduce this topic to simply, "please pull the plug".  

Aging well necessitates an understanding of many systems, options, many disciplines and services  that can be bewildering.  This often leads to the feeling of defeat and immobilizes people from taking responsibility for their affairs.

Using a proprietary system, we help you learn these systems, services and disciplines to better protect what you value most, help you learn how to make informed choices, preserve family relationships, mitigate fraud and abuse that impacts every economic income bracket.