What clients say

My aunt June lives in Chula Vista, CA. I live in Hawaii. I can't be there to assist June, but Elaine is always there! Elaine has been helping my aunt with her banking, finances and taxes, medical care and anything else that she needs for the past three years. She suggested we consolidate all of her financial resources which we did in consultation with a financial advisor to simplify her banking, savings and investments. She took great care to explain things and to make sure we both understood the need for greater security and protection of her money. She works with the tax preparer to make sure her taxes are done correctly and estimated taxes are paid on time, communicates with the financial advisor and keeps me informed. When June could no longer manage her bill-paying, Elaine took over that task for her. Elaine accompanies June to all of her medical and dental appointments, coordinates her care and advocates on her behalf. When June became frustrated and confused about taking her medication, she arranged for a medication management service offered by the facility. This alleviated June of a great deal of anxiety. She is sensitive to June’s needs and concerns. Elaine provides June with reassurance while at the same time giving June autonomy and while helping her maintain her independence. Elaine is a pleasure to have in our lives and a god-send for my Aunt June who just turned 97. –Aloha. C.T.

Testimonial from D. H.:

I hope to describe Elaine Northcutt’s professional talent forcefully: her energy, empathy and awareness of the urgent need to help clients and families comprehend and tackle issues and practicalities involved in critical life transitions. Human beings in transitions of various kinds--but especially aging with its inevitable concerns--shift into modes of denial, retreat, distrust, perplexity--conditions which require Elaine’s qualities as I’ve listed them above. They are part of her operative talent pool and natural kindness. I have watched a room of multi-generational families relax into awareness of how needful transition advice and structures should take shape. Elaine’s compassion and finesse with any and diverse questions fielded from the room reassures prospective clients and redirects worries and energy to appropriate solutions, alleviating struggles about "what should I (or we) do next?" Elaine guides such clients into real-life decision-making about potential financial and incapacity problems. She focuses attention on the specifics of healthcare, care-giving, benefits, and what is normative now. Elaine’s experiences are layered, appropriate and useful. I heard the older generations saying: "Please do this seminar again! My kids need to hear it!" while "kids" in their 40s, 50s and 60s remarked: "I’m sure if I brought my mother she’d finally understand what I’ve been trying to tell her!" Whose voice would you want to be a guide to future decisions and ultimate reassurance? Elaine Northcutt’s "Transitions in Aging" should be the starting place for those fearful of being misled or urged by interested parties in such transitions. Elaine is a seasoned, trustworthy and experienced care-giver in a host of relevant areas. The workshop venue in which I watched Elaine reveal her touching gift with the attendees happened to be a church hall. However, for some it could be better with an individual approach. If you want the right person, call Elaine! Anyone with family members who need a delicate touch and a warm personality will feel they are going to be "OK" with Elaine’s guidance. Book her!


Hi Elaine—I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. As I said, Carol and I felt fortunate to have worked with you and consider you extremely talented at what you do. –You are a gem.

Thanks again,


As the executor of my parents trust and the closest in proximity, though still four hours away, I knew it would fall on me rather than my siblings to care for my parents as they age. I had no idea of how to start the difficult conversations with my parents on their wishes, what to do to protect them and myself and what to monitor and watch for. I heard so many horror stories on being the decision maker and care giver for elderly parents. I feel very fortunate to have met Elaine to give me guidance and to answer my questions. I know I will be utilizing her services and wisdom further in the future as I navigate this unfamiliar territory of transition with my parents. It gives me tremendous peace of mind to have Elaine's experience and steady hand during this time.


I have known the Boswell family since childhood living in Latin America. They were the first family, other than my own I helped.  I did not realize it at the time, but I see now that it was seedling of what came later.

William and Dorothy Boswell were snow-birds who lived in Arizona in the winter and Pennsylvania in the summer.  They were well into their 80th decade on this occassion when I visisted them in Scottsdale.

Mr. Boswell required the use of an oxygen bottle to get around.  Flying with an oxygen bottle is a logistical problem due to airline regulations. They were complaining about it at some length.  I asked them point blank, "What are you going to do when you can no longer travel back and forth by car or by plane?" Where do you plan on settling in your final years?" They looked at each other, then at me, speechless. They had clearly not given this any thought.

With their permission, I wrote to their son, Richard, who was responsible for their overall welfare. By the following year, they had relocated to the Bay Area into an assisted living community in proximity to their son, Richard.   Richard was kind enough to write the following:

"These decisions are always difficult and complicated. I found Elaine's guidance most helpful. It gave us some valuable tools for approaching these important decisions."   --Richard Boswell