Elaine Northcutt

My family:   Evelyn Dalton, Betty, Earle and Theresa.
my grand-mother in-law, my mother, my father and my mother-in-law.  
c. 2004, El Cajon, California.

My name is elaine Northcutt. I am—an eldercare planning consultant.

Transitions in Aging was born out an a desire to find and share the wisdom from the lessons I learned caring for aging parents. All the planning, preparation, resources and assistance in the world cannot prevent catastrophic events. 

Most of us who have served as primary family caregivers-- women in particular, would probably walk away from this kind of loss hoping to finally live in peace.  I wanted to understand what happened.

I learned so much about our society, our social and family systems, the problems with diagnosing dementia, the character of dementia, (generally), the limitations and shortcomings of depending on the advice of licensed professionals, the importnace of care and advocacy. These are qualities that are immeasurably impact quality of life. I learned that I could meaningfully help others in their aging journey.

My experience and my story resonate.  Complacency is not an option. Denial of aging is not an option. Fear is not an option.  Responsibility is not optional. Education is mandatory. Planning and preparation, essential.

To better help others I am in the final stages of becoming a licensed private professional fiduciary in California.

In my life, I’ve had many careers:  legal secretary, file clerk, receptionist, law office records manager, database manager, solopreneur, para-professional librarian, legal word processor, writer, probate conservator, family caregiver, care manager, patient advocate and most recently, eldercare planning consultant.  All these inform what I presently do— to help others.

I have been fortunate in my life.  I had the rare privilege to grow up outside the United States in Latin America to experience life, language and culture from two points of view; to see an unvarnished view of humanity. Growing up in a third-world country you learn to appreciate what you have at a young age. I strive to cultivate sense of humor, practice patience, work to be a better listener, perservere and exercise care in all that I do. . . Like most of you, I am a work in progress. 

My interests lean towards the creative including reading, journaling and writing, art, mentoring young adults, cooking, archiving family history, needlepoint and sewing— landscape photography.  Above all I love meeting people, making and nurturing friendships.