Elaine Northcutt

My family:   Evelyn Dalton, Betty, Earle and Theresa.
my grand-mother in-law, my mother, my father and my mother-in-law.  
c. 2004, El Cajon, California.

My name is Elaine Northcutt. 

My passion and my work center on education and advocacy of older adults and their families, developing relationships of trust with allied professionals in aging services.

Transitions in Aging was born out an a desire to find and share the wisdom from the lessons I learned caring for aging parents, in-laws and extended family members. In addition to helping aging family members, I advocated for a sibling with mental illness, (and served a probate conservator)  and a minor in our family. Each of these represent a class of individuals who are marginalized by society, lack a voice and or legal standing to advocate for themselves

 What I learned over the course of more than a decade, is that all the planning, preparation, resources, caring--- in the world cannot prevent catastrophic events.  It is . . . a failure of the imagination to consider how horrible things can happen. 

Catastrophic events are what happen to other people, right?-- It is  natural to dismiss and ignore. Its hard, its complicated, its messy-- its uncomfortable-- well, lets be frank here, nobody wants to face the ugliness of our baser insticts.
So, why did I dedicate myself to caring for parents, family for nearly twenty years in the face of someitmes small and sometime enormous challenges?  It was the morally right thing to do.  I can't tell you how many times I would stop and ask myself -- "why . . .am I doing this?" often at very stressful moments, (no, make that hours, days, weeks-- months and years at a time of unrelenting anguish and grief) and the answer was and still is, LOVE. 

that's what it took.  That is what it takes.

I learned so much about our society, our culture, our social and family systems. I learned about the importnace of care and advocacy. These are qualities that immeasurably impact quality of life. 

I learned that I could meaningfully help others in their aging journey. 

I've been called to do this work.  I educate, advcoate, facilitate, coordinate for clients to give them the peace of mind they need to live as fully as they can and die with dignitiy and grace.

I have completed the Certificate in Fiduciary Management - Trusts through CSU Fullerton and working towards licensure in California. 

I am also currently enrolled in a Spirituality and Aging certificate program through the New Theological Serminary of the West.  I want to better understand how  our core values and beliefs, the search for meaning and purpose becomes more pressing in the second and third stages of life. Helping people discover or re-discover their voice and their story significantly elevates the quality of life of older adults and by extension and those they love.

My interests lean towards the creative including reading, journaling and writing, art, mentoring young adults, cooking, archiving family history, needlepoint and sewing— landscape photography.  I am blessed to have a supportive husband.  We enjoy time with our german shephard dog, (GSD), Trina. Above all I love meeting people, making and nurturing friendships.