My parents, Betty and Earle .   c. 2008, Spring Valley, California.

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Personal Profile

Over the course of about fifteen years I had the privilege of caring for six family members. I managed my parent’s business affairs, bookkeeping, organized tax data, managed their rental properties, and made capital improvements on many, assisted with real estate transactions and coordinated legal, accounting, fiduciary and other professional services. I  coordinated my parents care spanning the entire spectrum of age related diseases and conditions, including dementia. I served as probate conservator for another family member. That often required crisis management and interventions.

After my years of caregiving ended in 2010, friends began to call me for guidance on their own trials and concerns in their families with aging family members.  The positive outcomes from these efforts and the clients’ satisfaction in meeting their needs gave me the confidence to further develop my abilities as a patient advocate, care manager, legal assistant, organizer, bookkeeper and senior move manager, just about anything having to do with the safety and welfare of individuals on the aging continuum.

I am what you might call an elder care doula

My desire is to educate, empower, coach and advocate for older adults and families with aging parents to help them prepare for the complexities and challenges of aging.

Evelyn, Betty, Earle and Theresa
my grand-mother in-law, my mother, my father and my mother-in-law.  
c. 2004, El Cajon, California.