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Preparing for Longevity:  A multi-disciplinary approach to perspective, planning and preparation for aging well.

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Elaine M. Northcutt  

Eldercare Planning Consultant

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At Aging Readiness | Transitions in Aging, we work with individuals, couples and families to plan and prepare for the challenges and complexities of aging and longevity.  Education facilitates your ability to make informed decisions. Planning and preparation can protect your welfare, your resources and your relationships, preserve your quality of life for lasting peace of mind and a meaningful legacy.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach designed to strengthen legal and financial protections, quality of care through advocacy in wellness and healthcare management and support social and family relationships to preserve legacies.

Why care? Like it or not, older adults are vulnerable and easy targets for physical, emotional, financial abuse, fraud and undue influence. Preditors are often as close as a family member or other individual with whom you may transact business with.

Financial elder abuse in the United States is near $230Billion dollar loss to older adults-- per year. Elder abuse in San Diego County, was up 37% in the past three years.

The quality of life of your future aging "self" is your responsibility. 

Only you can take steps to protect what you value most and make it enforceable under the law.

How will you choose

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